Cloud middleware and services-a systematic mapping review

Isaac Odun-Ayo, Marion Adebiyi, Olatunji Okesola, Olufunke Vincent


Cloud computing currently plays a crucial role in the delivery of vital information technology services. A unique aspect of cloud computing is the cloud middleware and other related entities that support applications and networks. A specific field of research may be considered, particularly as regards cloud middleware and services at all levels, and thus needs analysis and paper surveys to elucidate possible study limitations. The purpose of this paper is to perform a systematic mapping for studies that capture cloud computing middleware, stacks, tools and services. The methodology adopted for this study is a systematic mapping review. The results showed that more papers on the contribution facet were published with tool, model, method and process having 18.10%, 13.79%, 6.03% and 8.62% respectively. In addition, in terms of tool, evaluation and solution research had the largest number of articles with 14.17% and 26.77% respectively. A striking feature of the systemic map is the high number of articles in solution research with respect to all aspects of the features applied in the studies. This study showed clearly that there are gaps in cloud computing middleware and delivery services that would interest researchers and industry professionals desirous of research in this area.


Cloud computing; Cloud delivery network; Cloud middleware; Cloud tools; Services; Services at all layers; Systematic mapping

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