Goal location prediction based on deep learning using RGB-D camera

Heba Hakim, Zaineb Alhakeem, Salah Al-Darraji


In the navigation system, the desired destination position plays an essential role since the path planning algorithms takes a current location and goal location as inputs as well as the map of the surrounding environment. The generated path from path planning algorithm is used to guide a user to his final destination. This paper presents a proposed algorithm based on RGB-D camera to predict the goal coordinates in 2D occupancy grid map for visually impaired people navigation system. In recent years, deep learning methods have been used in many object detection tasks. So, the object detection method based on convolution neural network method is adopted in the proposed algorithm. The measuring distance between the current position of a sensor and the detected object depends on the depth data that is acquired from RGB-D camera. Both of the object detected coordinates and depth data has been integrated to get an accurate goal location in a 2D map. This proposed algorithm has been tested on various real-time scenarios. The experiments results indicate to the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


Computer vision; Deeep learning; Depth sensor; Object detection; Object recognition

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i5.3170


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