Modeling climate phenomenon with software grids analysis and display system in the development of the global warming module

Afrizal Mayub, Leni Hendraini, Henny Johan, Fahmizal Fahmizal, Rendy Wikrama Wardana


This study aims to model climate change based on rainfall, air temperature, pressure, humidity and wind with grADS software and create a global warming module. This research uses 3D model, define, design, and develop. The results of the modeling of the five climate elements consist of the annual average temperature in Indonesia in 2009-2015 which is between 29oC to 30.1oC, the horizontal distribution of the annual average pressure in Indonesia in 2009-2018 is between 800 mBar to 1000 mBar, the horizontal distribution the average annual humidity in Indonesia in 2009 and 2011 ranged between 27-57, in 2012-2015, 2017 and 2018 it ranged between 30-60, during the East Monsoon, the wind circulation moved from northern Indonesia to the southern region Indonesia. During the west monsoon, the wind circulation moves from the southern part of Indonesia to the northern part of Indonesia. The global warming module for SMA/MA produced is feasible to use, this is in accordance with the value given by the validate of 69 which is in the appropriate category and the response of teachers and students through a 91% questionnaire.


Climate; Modeling; Global; Warming

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