Prototype mobile contactless transaction system in traditional markets to support the covid-19 physical distancing program

Irawan Afrianto, Mouhamad Hatta Hiroshi Sasmita, Sufa Atin


One way to prevent and reduce the spread of the covid-19 pandemic is through physical distancing program. This research aims to develop a prototype contactless transaction system using digital payment mechanisms and QR code technology that will be applied in traditional markets. The method used in the development of electronic market systems is a prototype approach. The application of QR code and digital payments are used as a solution to minimize money exchange contacts that are common in traditional markets. The results showed that the system built was able to accelerate and facilitate the buying and selling transaction process in traditional market environment. Alpha testing shows that all functional systems are running well. Meanwhile, beta testing shows that the user can very well accept the system that was built. The results of the study also show acceptance of the usefulness of the system being built, as well as the optimism of its users to be able to take advantage of this system both technologically and functionally, so its can be a part of the digital transformation of the traditional market to the electronic market and has become one of the solutions in reducing the spread of the current covid-19 pandemic.


Contactless transaction; Covid-19; Digital payment; Prototype; QR code; Traditional market

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