Deployment of e-services based contextual smart agro system using internet of things

Abdus Sattar, Yeasin Arafat Shampod, Md. Tanjid Ahmed, Nasrin Akter, Arif Mahmud


Climate change's effects are becoming more apparent, and farmers are bearing the brunt of the consequences. As a result, by 2050, food production is expected to decline by 18%. Therefore, the study's goal is to develop effective and well-organized roadmap for context-based smart agricultural systems using a pre-determined ICT framework. Following that, this study offers a four-level conceptual framework for an e-services-based smart agro system utilizing internet of things (IoT). Here, each level optimizes the IoT infrastructure to accept e-services based on contextual information supplied by the e-services. Furthermore, the proposed ICTization process intends to broaden the role of ICT technology development. Besides, the system's views decrease misunderstandings about technology, growth, and connectivity while also enhancing raw data, administration, and service synchronization. Farmers, agricultural officers, and network operators, for example, are all included in the proposed roadmap, which includes omnipresent farm treatment services. Precision farming, on the other hand, need new knowledge and innovation in order to achieve an integrated and comprehensive approach to technology.


E-service; ICT; ICTization; IoT; Smart agro system

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