Cloud resources modelling using smart cloud management

Haitham Salman Chyad, Raniah Ali Mustafa, Dena Nadir George


Cloud computing complexity is growing rapidly with the advancements that it is witnessing. It has created a requirement to simplify the process of configuring cloud and re-configuring it when required, it also involves tasks like auto scaling of infrastructure, elastic computing and maintaining the health of the servers. The proposed method introduces a smart cloud management using knowledge base, which models the resources of cloud; it handles service level agreement and its evaluations. The proposed knowledge base supports representational state transfer (REST/RESTful) services to store and manipulate different cloud aspects like type of application, business configuration, and metrics value and its type; it also implements the strategy for efficient resource management for smart clouds. The proposed architecture consists of smart cloud engine (which provides autonomous services, which help to exploit cloud resources for service optimization and to perform service automation), knowledge base (KB) (provide a cloud ontology which will help in the management of resources and provides intelligence to the smart cloud), server and cloud enrolment, designated monitoring tool and moderator. The resulted module is easy to integrate with any of the existing cloud management tool or orchestrator. As It is developed using REST protocol and extensible markup language (XML) language it is also easy to integrate with existing monitoring tool or application programming interface (APIs).


Cloud configuration manager; Knowledge base; Orchestrator; RDF query; Service level agreement; Smart cloud engine

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