Metaheuristics algorithms to identify nonlinear Hammerstein model: a decade survey

Julakha Jahan Jui, Mohd Ashraf Ahmad, Muhammad Ikram Mohd Rashid


Metaheuristics have been acknowledged as an effective solution for many difficult issues related to optimization. The metaheuristics, especially swarm’s intelligence and evolutionary computing algorithms, have gained popularity within a short time over the past two decades. Various metaheuristics algorithms are being introduced on an annual basis and applications that are more new are gradually being discovered. This paper presents a survey for the years 2011-2021 on multiple metaheuristics algorithms, particularly swarm and evolutionary algorithms, to identify a nonlinear block-oriented model called the Hammerstein model, mainly because such model has garnered much interest amidst researchers to identify nonlinear systems. Besides introducing a complete survey on the various population-based algorithms to identify the Hammerstein model, this paper also investigated some empirically verified actual process plants results. As such, this article serves as a guideline on the fundamentals of identifying nonlinear block-oriented models for new practitioners, apart from presenting a comprehensive summary of cutting-edge trends within the context of this topic area.


Block oriented models; Hammerstein model; Metaheuristics; Nonlinear system identification; Optimization; Population-based optimization

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