Design and modeling industrial intelligent robot flexible hand

Mikhail Polishchuk, Mikhail Tkach, Igor Parkhomey, Juliy Boiko, Oleksander Eromenko


The article describes a description of a fundamentally new design, mathematical model and experimental research of a flexible arm with an anthropomorphic gripper for an industrial robot. The advantage of the proposed design of the robot arm in comparison with the known traditional technical solutions is achieved as close as possible to the functions of the human arm. This property significantly increases the versatility of the robot arm when performing various technological operations. Another difference from the known models of industrial robots is the presence of an anthropomorphic gripping device in the flexible arm, which allows you to service products with different shapes and arbitrary coordinates in space. In addition, the article for the first time proposes a method for calculating the parameters of a new hand and experimental studies of its functioning, which will allow engineers in the field of robotics to create similar designs. The economic effect of the proposed design is that the implementation of the movements of the proposed robot arm does not require separate electromechanical drives for each joint of the kinematic chain of the manipulator. This effect significantly reduces the cost of a robot arm while expanding its technological capabilities.


Аnthropomorphic devices; Gripping devices; Industrial robots; Manipulators

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