High efficient and high gain boost converter with soft switching capability connected to grid using dq axis current control

Bogimi Sirisha, Saieni Akhilesh


Renewable sources like solar PV arrays are generally operated at low voltages due to safety issues. For applications such as grid connected systems, it requires boosting to high voltage which leads to reduction in efficiency. To solve this, a new high gain and efficient boost converter which is a combination of buffer capacitor, passive clamp recovery circuit to restore leakage energy in coupled inductor is presented. The magnetic field of the linked inductor stores the energy obtained from the supply. A passive clamp network recovers the energy that is stored in the leakage inductance, enhances the gain of voltage and improves overall system efficiency. High duty ratios are not essential to achieve higher voltage gain, hence the reverse recovery problem of diode is prevented. Moreover, passive clamp network decreases the voltage stress of switch, thus a minimum rating switch be used, as a result, the system's total efficiency improves. This converter output is fed as input to a single phase full bridge inverter and also synchronized to a single phase grid by using d-q axis current controller. The performance and powers injected are analyzed by connecting a resistive load.


Buffer capacitor; Coupled inductor; Grid synchronization; High voltage gain; Passive clamp

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v11i2.3358


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