Car license plate segmentation and recognition system based on deep learning

Ghida Yousif Abbass, Ali Fadhil Marhoon


Artificial intelligence techniques and computer vision techniques dealt with the issue of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) that has many applications in important research field. In this paper, the method of recognizing the license plates of Iraqi cars was applied based on deep learning techniques convolutional neural network (CNN). The two database built to identifying Iraqi car plates. First database includes 2000 images of Arabic numbers and Arabic letters. Second database conations 1200 images of the Arabic names for Iraqi governorates. This paper used image-processing techniques to segmenting the numbers, letters and words from the car license plate images and then convert them into two databases that used to train the two CNN. These training CNN used to recognizing the vocabulary of the car license plate. The success rate of the numbers, letters and words recognition was 98%. The overall rate of success of this proposed system in all stages was 97%.


Convolutional neural networks; Vehicle license plate detection; Vehicle license plate recognition

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