Digital watermarking image using three-level discrete wavelet transform under attacking noise

Lita Lidyawati, Arsyad Ramadhan Darlis, Lucia Jambola, Lisa Kristiana, Rea Ramada Jayandanu


The authentication, identification, and copyright protection can be obtained by constructing the digital image watermarking technique. Watermark robustness and imperceptibility account for the capability of the hidden watermark to survive the manipulation. The proposed paper is a robust algorithm for digital image watermarking with 3-level discrete wavelet transform (DWT) with some attacks method. The 3-level DWT method was used constants α=0.01 and 0.03 as a function of how depth the watermark inserts to the host image in the insertion and extraction process. The algorithm was evaluated using 8 bits per pixel (bpp) grayscale, 1024x1024 pixels for the host image, and 256x256 pixels for the watermark image. The method is also implemented some experimental with attacks such as gaussian, salt and pepper, blurring, and compression. The algorithm is relatively acceptable of good quality, achieves low-value mean squared error (MSE), high peak signals to noise ratio (PSNR), and structural similarity index metric (SSIM) value approach to 1. It is found that the highest image quality measurements by using α=0.03 with the attacking method of salt and pepper yield MSE=0.01, PSNR=45.6 dB and SSIM=0.95, respectively. 


Blurring; Gaussian; Grayscale; Salt and pepper

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