Implementation of proportional–integral control in Baglog steamer temperature control

Mila Fauziyah, Supriatna Adhisuwignjo, Dinda Ayu Permatasari, Nadira Aisyah Ibrahim


Sterilization is the oyster mushroom cultivation process. Sterilization is used to kill nuisance microorganisms that can inhibit mushroom growth. The sterilization process is 8 hours at a temperature of 70–95 oC. This process of frequent breakdown is caused by the unstable temperature sterilization space and is controlled manually. Based on these problems, the right solution is to use a steamer that can be controlled automatically using the proportional–integral (PI) control method. PI controller consists of proportional gain and integral gain. To determine the value of proportional gain and integral gain, this study used the Ziegler-Nichols tuning method using the S curve. The results of the PI control parameters obtained the value of Kp=25.2 and Ki=0.302. Thus, producing a transient response graph with Mp=94.5; Os=0.45; PO=0.47; Tr=16,440 s. The system can work according to setpoint 95 oC and maintain a stable temperature according to the setpoint with these results. And the sterilization time becomes fast from 8 hours to 6 hours.


Arduino Mega 2560; Oyster mushroom; Proportional–integral; Steamer; Sterilization

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