Statistical and machine learning approach for evaluation of control systems for automatic production lines

Valentin Tsenev, Malinka Ivanova


The manufacturing processes and the control systems for automatic production lines mainly are evaluated through usage of statistical methods as recently machine learning algorithms are also used. The aim of the paper is to present an approach for control measurement systems evaluation, based on a combination of statistical techniques like attribute repeatability and reproducibility analysis, measurement system analysis and supervised machine learning algorithms like random forest and KNN. The proposed method is verified in the production of the G8680x connector, which is used in the automotive industry. The control is performed 100% for all manufactured parts immediately after the “injection molding” process. It is proved that taking advantages of the statistics and machine learning, the manufacturing process and control measurement systems could be evaluated with very high accuracy. The exploration and analysis leads to the formulation of some recommendations in support of process engineers and managers.


Automatic production line; Measurement system analysis; R&R statistical method; Statistical process control; Supervised machine learning

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