A modified artificial bee colony based fuzzy motion tracking scheme for mobile robot

Abdulkareem Younis Abdalla, Turki Y. Abdalla


In this study a new modified artificial bee colony algorithm for the optimization of the fuzzy control scheme for motion tracking of mobile robot is developed. The modification is based on using some features from the particle swarm optimization algorithm to improve solution quality. The modified artificialbee colony (MABC) balance the exploration and exploitation of the original one. This balancing results in going through the global search space and increases the convergence speed and solution accuracy. MABC is then used for the design of an efficient fuzzy system that perform motion tracking for mobile robot more accurate through minimizing a suitable selected objective function. Results illustrate the high quality of the proposed method.


Artificialbee colony; Fuzzy system; Mobile robot; Optimization; Particle swarm optimization

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v11i4.3739


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