Noise resistance evaluation of spatial-field optical flow using modifying Lorentzian function

Darun Kesrarat, Vorapoj Patanavijit


This paper presents the evaluation of the modifying Lorentzian function on the spatial-field optical flow to examine the validity in the noisy domain of motion estimation. In the routine of the motion estimation, the frame’s motion vector is estimated by the optical flow approach where the flow of the image’s frames is caught to estimate the motion vector. Nevertheless, in the noisy domain, the preciseness of the motion vector is weakened. We operated the measurement along with several non-Gaussian noises standards through several styles of the standard image frame. The determination on error vector magnitude (EVM) was taken into account to consider the preciseness of direction and length of the motion vector (MV) in comparison with various noise resistance techniques in spatial-field optical flow approach. In the achievement results, we found that this modifying Lorentzian norm function added up in the optical flow strengthen the degree of preciseness in the estimation of the spatial-field optical flow approach in the noisy domain.


Error vector magnitude; Lorentzian function; Non-Gaussian noise; Optical flow

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