Social crisis detection using Twitter based text mining-a machine learning approach

Shoaib Rahman, Nusrat Jahan, Farzana Sadia, Imran Mahmud


Social-media and blogs are increasingly used for social-communication, an idea and thought publishing platform. Public intentions, wisdom, problems, solutions, mental states are shared in social media. Text is being the best and the most common way to communicate over social networks. All kinds of data shared in social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Microblogs. People from different pursuance uses these media to publish thoughts and convey messages through text. Consequently, occurrences in social life are rapidly discussed in social blogs in daily manner. This work aims at discovering ongoing social crisis from the Twitter data. Text mining technique and sentiment analysis were applied to detect the current social crisis from the social sites. Twitter data were collected to identify the recent social crisis. Furthermore, the identified crisis was compared to reputed newspapers. A hybrid method used to detect recent social issues resulted nicely. However, our proposed analysis shows identifying rate 89%, 95%, 83%, 53%, and 98% for the top 5 identified crisis accordingly in the date between 27 February and 11 March 2020. The strategy used in this study for the detection of recent social crisis will contribute to the social life and findings of crisis will be eliminated easily.


Machine learning; Social crisis; Text mining; Twitter

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