An optimal motion path planning control of a robotic manipulator based on the hybrid PI-sliding mode controller

Wisam Essmat Abdul-Lateef, Yaser Nabeel Ibrahem Alothman, Sabah Abdul-Hassan Gitaffa


This paper proposes a hybrid proportional-integral (PI-sliding) mode controller to improve and adjust the point-to-point path planning of a three-link robotic arm with three degrees of freedom. The main objectives of the proposed control unit are to control the tracking process to reach the desired path handle the outgoing vibrations, and dampen them in the links of the robotic arm during its movement to ensure accuracy in completing the work. Seventh-degree polynomial paths represented the segments of locomotion connecting the first, middle, and last points at the combined space through predefined route points via minimal travel time. While not exceeding a predetermined maximum torque, without hitting any obstacle in the robot's workspace. The results showed that the proposed control design provides a robust control performance and fast response corresponding with conventional sliding mode controller (SMC) and PI controller. Then the outcomes provide the best results for the demanded mission according to the whished intakes with minimal error. The system equations are solved using the techniques available in MATLAB software then the results of the model are validated by the results of simulations.


Hybrid PI-sliding mode; Path planning; The manipulator robot; The seventh-degree polynomial

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