Total power deficit estimation for isolated power system network using H∞ norm method

Mohd Saifuzam Jamri, Muhammad Nizam Kamarudin, Mohd Luqman Mohd Jamil, Muhammad Iqbal Zakaria


An isolated electrical network with an independent local distributed generator is very sensitive towards the contingencies between load demand and supply. Although the network system has less complexity in term of structure, its stability condition is crucial due to its stand-alone operating condition. Hence, to monitor the stability of the network, total power deficit is the only variable that can be estimated. This study proposed to utilize the  filtering problem to design an estimator that can estimate the total power deficiency. For verification, the design estimator was tested under two cases which are nominal case and parameter uncertainty case. In nominal case, the system parameters are assumed to be known while in parameter uncertainty case the system has contaminated with uncertain parameter where its admissible value is laying in a given polytope. With complying the linear matrix inequality (LMI) constraint, the main objective function of the  norm was guaranteed with minimum upper bound. The results show that the dynamical behaviors of designed estimator successfully trace the actual power deficit signal at steady state with minimal estimation error.


H∞ filtering; Input state estimation; Isolated power system; Power deficiency; Robust estimation

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