Effective monitoring of power system with phasor measurement unit and effective data storage system

Ravi Ponnala, Muktevi Chakravarthy, Suraparaju Venkata Naga Lakshmi Lalitha


In the recent years the monitoring and operation of the power system became complex, due to the more demand from the different linear and non-linear loads and generation from the different sources. For the effective monitoring and operation of the power system, existing power system monitoring methods need to improve or new technologies are required. For the effective monitoring and operation of the power system phasor measurement unit (PMU) based monitoring is suitable, because it provide the dynamic state monitoring system. In this paper PMU based monitoring is proposed with effective data storage system and protection. With this method phasor values of voltage and current signals are calculated at the location of PMU and with the help of software based program effective data storage also possible. With this proposed model the phasor values in the power system at different locations monitoring also possible and required phasor data only stored and total data is only monitored. The phasor values of signals are calculated with direct phasor measurement technique in LabVIEW and by adding time stamping to the each phasor value accurate measurement of power flow is possible.


Effective data storage; Frequency; Non-recursive DFT; Phasor measurement unit; Protection; Time stamping

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v11i5.4085


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