An innovative vigorous outlier recognition placed on LROAD for fix-amplitude impulsive noise

Vorapoj Patanavijit, Kornkamol Thakulsukanant


Due to large current applications on digital images in these recent years, outlier suppression is one of the primary stages for modern computer vision implementations thereupon there are tremendously invented for creating an efficient and practical outlier suppression, which ordinarily are composed of outlier recognition stage and outlier rebuilt stage. The localised rank ordered difference (LROAD) approach, which is progressed from rank-ordered absolute differences (ROAD), has been invented since 2016. Later, the LROAD approach evolved to be one of the efficient outlier recognition stages from its eminent effectiveness. The paper focus to propose the innovative vigorous outlier recognition placed on localised rank-ordered logarithmic differences (LROLD) approach, which is progressed from LROAD and rank-ordered logarithmic differences (ROLD), which is higher effectiveness than the ordinary LROAD, for applying on FAIN. From the computer experiments, which are examined on many depictions such as Girl, Pepper F16 and Lena, the innovative vigorous outlier recognition placed on LROLD approach has higher eminent effectiveness then the stage-of-art approach such as LROAD and ROAD approaches at numerous consistencies of FAIN.


Digital image denoising; Digital image processing; Localised rank ordered absolute difference; Localised rank-ordered logarithmic differences; Standard median filter

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