Multimodal music emotion recognition in Indonesian songs based on CNN-LSTM, XLNet transformers

Andrew Steven Sams, Amalia Zahra


Music carries emotional information and allows the listener to feel the emotions contained in the music. This study proposes a multimodal music emotion recognition (MER) system using Indonesian song and lyrics data. In the proposed multimodal system, the audio data will use the mel spectrogram feature, and the lyrics feature will be extracted by going through the tokenizing process from XLNet. Convolutional long short term memory network (CNN-LSTM) performs the audio classification task, while XLNet transformers performs the lyrics classification task. The outputs of the two classification tasks are probability weight and actual prediction with the value of positive, neutral, and negative emotions, which are then combined using the stacking ensemble method. The combined output will be trained into an artificial neural network (ANN) model to get the best probability weight output. The multimodal system achieves the best performance with an accuracy of 80.56%. The results showed that the multimodal method of recognizing musical emotions gave better performance than the single modal method. In addition, hyperparameter tuning can affect the performance of multimodal systems.


CNN-LSTM; Indonesian song dataset; Mel spectrogram; Multimodal; Music emotion recognition; Stacking ensemble method; XLNet transformers

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