Stock market analysis with the usage of machine learning and deep learning algorithms

Seethiraju L. V. V. D. Sarma, Dorai Venkata Sekhar, Gudipatu Murali


In this work we are focusing on listing out various works in the understanding of various parameters and context to get the overview of stock market analysis in the context of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) models. The work focusses on the stock market analysis along with methodologies and algorithms used to understand the trends and the corresponding results as part of those studies. The importance of this work is to summarize and analyse the parameters which are highly influenced the understandingof the stock market trends. The outcome of the work is understanding the important factors which directly and indirectly influences the stock value raise and drop. The work highlights the methodologies and the algorithms used to stock market data analysis and efficient and effective recommendation of stable stocks to the customers. Further we are listing out the research gaps and future enhancements of the studies which are left over in the earlier works. The work pops up the limitations of some of the works in the existing works along with significance of hyper parameter techniques to clearly identify the features through which we can get more possibilities of better analysis of the data.


Analysis; Hyper parameters; Influential parameters; Machine learning; Stock market

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