A novel approach for new architecture for green data centre

Ahmed Abdulhassan Al-Fatlawi, Israa Al-Barazanchi


The massive energy usage of data centers may be traced in part to the growing number of data centers and workstations because of economies of scale for cloud computing. It does, though, indicate wasteful power usage. Consequently, researching ways to improve the energy efficiency of datacenter equipment is now a crucial aspect in reducing datacenter power consumption. In this study, we describe methodologies and algorithms for flexible, energy-efficient, and effective load balancing in data centers, resulting in lower energy consumption by systems. Because of difficulties related with energy consumption, such as capital expenditure, operational costs, and environmental effect, renewable energy is becoming an increasing major consideration in data centers. With the rise in environmental consequences around the world, data centers must consider energy efficiency as one of the most critical factors. Cloud computing techniques have made a huge impact all over the world. Green DC is a concept that has been tested. We suggested an algorithm in this paper based on certain current algorithm limitations that will help to reduce environmental effect. We investigated the efficiency of our program further and used a load balancing method to improve its performance.


Algorithm; Green data center; Task scheduling; Temperature; Thermal management

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v12i1.4421


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