Simulation of 3D-space vector modulation for neutral point clamped inverters

Palanisamy Ramasamy, Ramkumar Ravindran, Neetu Gupta, Gunjan Sardana, Indumathi Sekar, Venugopala Aparna Marthanda, Selvakumar Kuppusamy


This paper gives an idea to simulation of three-dimensional space vector modulation for neutral point clamped multilevel inverter. Three dimensional-space vector modulation (3D-SVM) algorithm is progressed method of two dimensional-space vector modulation (2D-SVM) algorithm; it leads to reduce the complexity in reference vector identification and switching time calculation, also it includes the various advantages of 2D-SVM like minimized total harmonic distortion, reduced EMI issues. A simple system for the assortment of switching state vectors to track the reference voltage vectors without using any redundant switching vectors. This proposed method tracks the reference vector by identifyinglsubcubes and prisms by using mathematicallconditions. Here the cost of the proposedltechnique is independentlof voltagellevels oflinverter. This paper realizes the accomplishment of 3D-SVM using a neutral point clamped inverter. The simulation results of the proposed method are verified using MATLAB/Simulink.


3D space vector modulation; Neutral point multilevel inverter; Pulse width modulation; Total harmonic distortion

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