Usability measures used to enhance user experience in using digital health technology among elderly: a systematic review

Azaliza Zainal, Nur Farhanum Abdul Aziz, Nahdatul Akma Ahmad, Fariza Hanis Abdul Razak, Fadia Razali, Noor Hidayah Azmi, Haily Liduin Koyou


In 2030, it is expected that 15% of the country's population will be classified as elderly and there is driving up demand for elderly healthcare services. The evolution of digital health technology has emerged as a solution to this issue. However, there has been a recent decline in the elderly adoption of digital health technologies. This issue is worsened by the emergence of interfaces and interaction styles in newly developed technologies. A systematic review was conducted in this article to investigate the usability measures used to improve the user experience of digital health technology among the elderly. This study includes articles selected from the Web of Science and Scopus databases, both of which are well-established. Using thematic analysis, data from 29 articles were analyzed, yielding four main themes: i) effectiveness; i) efficiency; iii) satisfaction; and iv) learnability. The four main themes generated 12 sub-themes. The appearance, functionality, and structure of new digital health technology are the primary barriers to adoption. User interface (UI) design should take into account the limitations of elderly users. Additionally, elderly users require motivation, support, and training to utilize digital health technologies effectively. This study's findings make significant contributions to digital health and gerontechnology fields.


Digital health; Elderly; Systematic literature review; Usability; User experience

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