Group decision support system model to determine supervisor lecturers for student creativity programs

M. Miftakul Amin, Adi Sutrisman, Yevi Dwitayanti


A group decision support system (GDSS) model was created in this study by implementing the weighted product (WP) method and the borda method to determine prospective assistant or supervisor lecturers for student creativity programs (PKMs) that are routinely carried out every year at the Sriwijaya State Polytechnic. This study applies 5 criteria, including i) education level, ii) academic position, iii) group tenure, iv) lecturer certification, and v) achievement in the field of three pillars of higher education. The decision-makers in this study consisted of the head of the department (DM–1), the secretary of the department (DM–2), and the head of the study program (DM–3) where they carried out the decision-making process in groups. The WP method is used to make preferences independently of the decision-makers to determine the best alternative based on predetermined criteria. The borda method is currently used to aggregate the decision-makers to obtain the final result in the form of an alternative ranking. The results of this study are sufficient to be used as a reference in determining the supervisor lecturer for PKM activities at the Department of Computer Engineering, State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya.


Borda; Group decision support system; Weighted product

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