Handwritten signature identification based on MobileNets model and support vector machine classifier

Israa Bashir Mohammed, Bashar Saadoon Mahdi, Mustafa Salam Kadhm


Biometrics is a field that uses behavioral and biological traits to identify/verify a person. Characteristics include handwrittien signature, iris, gait, and fingerprint. Signature-based biometric systems are common due to their simple collection and non-intrusive. Identify the humans using their handwritten signatures has received an important attention in several modern crucial applications such as in automatic bank check, law-enforcements, and historical documents processing. Therefore, in this paper an accurate handwritten signatures system is proposed. The system uses a proposed preprocessing stage for the input handwritten signatures images. Besides, a new deep learning model called MobileNets, which used for classification process. Support vector machine (SVM) used as a classifier with the MobileNets inorder to get a better identifaction results. Experimental results conducted on standard CEDAR, ICDER, sigcomp handwritten signature datasets report 99.8%, 98.2%, 99.5%, identification accuracy, respectively.


CEDAR; Handwritten signatures; MobileNets; Support vector machine

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v12i4.4965


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