Model Predictive Control System Analysis for Sugarcane Crushing Mill Process

Sandeep Kumar Sunori, Pradeep Kumar Juneja, Anamika Bhatia Jain


MPC is a computer based technique that requires the process model to anticipate the future outputs of that process. An optimal control action is taken by MPC based on this prediction. The MPC is so popular since its control performance has been reported to be best among other conventional techniques to control the multivariable dynamical plants with various inputs and outputs constraints. In this paper the performance of an MPC controller on a single stage of milling train of sugar mill is analyzed. A linear model of the plant is taken with flap position and turbine speed set point as manipulated variables and mill torque and buffer chute height as controlled variables. The set point tracking responses are compared for constrained and unconstrained cases. The effect of presence of unmeasured disturbance also is investigated.

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