A novel data offloading scheme for QoS optimization in 5G based internet of medical things

Saadya Fahad Jabbar, Nuha Sami Mohsin, Jamal Fadhil Tawfeq, Poh Soon JosephNg, Ahmed Lateef Khalaf


The internet of medical things (IoMT), which is expected the lead to the biggest technology in worldwide distribution. Using 5th generation (5G) transmission, market possibilities and hazards related to IoMT are improved and detected. This framework describes a strategy for proactively addressing worries and offering a forum to promote development, alter attitudes and maintain people's confidence in the broader healthcare system without compromising security. It is combined with a data offloading system to speed up the transmission of medical data and improved the quality of service (QoS). As a result of this development, we suggested the enriched energy efficient fuzzy (EEEF) data offloading technique to enhance the delivery of data transmission at the original targeted location. Initially, healthcare data was collected. Preprocessing is achieved by the normalization method. An EEEF data offloading scheme is proposed. A fruit fly optimization (FFO) technique is utilized. The performance metrics such as energy consumption, delay, resource utilization, scalability, and packet loss are analyzed and compared with existing techniques. The future scope will make use of a revolutionary optimization approach for IoMT.


5G transmission; Enriched energy-efficient fuzzy data offloading technique; Fruit fly optimization technique; Internet of medical things data offloading scheme

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v12i5.5069


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