Controlling the effectiveness of STATCOM using ANFIS based on PI controller

Maha Abdulrhman Al-Flaiyeh, Nagham Hikmat Aziz, Saraa Ismaeel Khalel


This research achieves two goals, the first is the modelling of the static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and design of the control circuits for current, voltage and d.c capacitor voltage (Vd.c) to improve the power factor (PF) by preparing the reactive power by STATCOM so that its work is similar to the work of a synchronous condenser, and the second goal is to use smart techniques to control the Vd.c loop. For comparison, smart technical methods such as fuzzy logic type 1 (FL-T1), fuzzy logic type 2 (FL-T2), and adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) were used to regulate the Vd.c on the capacitor instead of the traditional controller proportional integral (PI). Simulation was performed in MATLAB 2021 to determine the efficiency of the suggested method or approach controllers for STATCOM. The use of the proposed method improves the signal value of both the current and the voltage and the phase difference between them, which reaches almost zero. Proved that an ANFIS technique provides best Vd.c response in different values of balance and unbalance load compared with the other methods by obtaining the minimum peak overshoot (P-ov) and minimum settling time (ST).


ANFIS controller; Fuzzy logic type 1; Power system; Reactive power; STATCOM

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