Analysis of a Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain

Behrouz Razzaghzadeh, Mahdi Salimi


A novel bidirectional DC-DC converter with high conversion ratio is proposed in this paper. The proposed converter uses the three windings coupled-inductor to achieved high voltage conversion ratio. The primary side consist of a winding and secondary side consist of two windings, which these two windings are series to achieved high voltage gain.In the boost mode, a capacitor is parallel charged and series discharged by the coupled inductor. Thus, high step-up voltage gain can be achieved with an appropriate duty ratio. In the buck mode, a capacitor is series charged and parallel discharged by the coupled inductor. The bidirectional converter can have high step-down voltage gain.The stress voltage of main switches can be reduced, and efficiency can be improved. The operating principle and the steady-state analyses of the voltage gain are discussed. Finally, in 24V for low voltage, and 400V for high voltage, and 200W for output power, this converter is simulated in MATLAB.


DC-DC Converter, tree windings, coupled inductor, high conversion ratio

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