Design and manufacture control system for water quality based on IoT technology for aquaculture in the Vietnam

Tran Duc Chuyen, Dien Duc Nguyen, Nguyen Cao Cuong, Vu Viet Thong


In this paper, presents solutions to apply internet of things (IoT) technology in the field of high-tech agriculture and aquaculture in coastal areas of Vietnam, which is currently a new problem. The system includes an application on a smartphone; access parameters via the web, a computer and an IoT control circuit capable of automatically drawing electricity from the solar panel to the energy storage to serve as a source of power for devices (monitoring cabinets). The product has the function of monitoring: water environmental indicators in shrimp ponds (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), salinity, redox index at the bottom of oxygen reduction potential (ORP)), on the website 24/24h, and controllable. Automatic control of pump system and DO generator with Inverter technology. The research results in this paper have brought high economic benefits with an automatic water quality control system to improve the productivity and quality of shrimp farming in practice for people in the aquaculture area in Bach Long commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province, Vietnam.


Aquaculture; Intelligent control; Internet of things; Monitoring system; Remote control; Solar energy

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