New Model Reference Adaptive System Speed Observer for Field-Oriented Control Induction Motor Drives Using Neural Networks

Hossein Rahimi Khoei, Mahdi Zolfaghari


One of the primary advantages of field-oriented controlled induction motor for high performance application is the capability for easy field weakening and the full utilization of voltage and current rating of the inverter to obtain a wide dynamic speed rangeThis paper describes a Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS) based scheme using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for online speed estimation of sensorless vector controlled induction motor drive. The proposed MRAS speed observer uses the current model as an adaptive model. The neural network has been then designed and trained online by employing a back propagation network (BPN) algorithm. The estimator was designed and simulated in Matlab/Simulink. Simulation result shows a good performance of speed estimator. The simulation results show good performance in various operating conditions. Also Performance analysis of speed estimator with the change in resistances of stator is presented. Simulation results show this estimator robust to parameter variations especially resistances of stator.


Field Oriented Control (FOC), Induction motor (IM), Sensorless Control, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS)

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