Mobile application: expert systems model for disease prevention

Inoc Rubio Paucar, Sttaly Ascona Rivas, Laberiano Andrade-Arenas, Domingo Hernández Celis, Michael Cabanillas-Carbonell


In recent years, both locally and globally, many citizens are cornered by different diseases which grates a lot of concern in the person, due to the collapse of different medical centers, it is necessary to use information systems. The objective of the research is to develop a mobile application that allows detecting what type of disease a patient suffers from and maintaining communication with the expert in the field using an expert system such as azure machine learning studio that allows detecting the deadliest diseases. For the development of this research, the rup methodology was applied, which allows the use of different techniques where the necessary activities can be carried out with efficient communication. For the validation of this project, a survey was used for the experts with a questionnaire of questions, giving a positive result in the implementation of this project. The result was an acceptance of 83.3% in a high way in their survey responses. In conclusion, this mobile application was successfully designed, benefiting many people and, above all, preventing dangerous diseases that can even lead to death.


Disease; Expert system; Information systems; Mobile application; Rup methodology

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