SiulMalaya: an annotated bird audio dataset of Malaysia lowland forest birds for passive acoustic monitoring

Nursuriati Jamil, Ahmad Nazem Norali, Muhammad Izzad Ramli, Ahmad Khusaini Mohd Kharip Shah, Ismail Mamat


The laborious point count method of conducting bird surveys is still a common practice in Malaysia. An alternative method known as passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) is deployed in many countries by placing sound recorders at surveying sites to collect bird sounds. Studies revealed that the number of bird densities counted by human observers was agreeable with those obtained using PAM. However, one of the most essential gaps in conducting PAM is the lack of expert-verified bird-call databases. Therefore, the aim of this study is to construct the first annotated Malaysia lowland forest bird sounds called SiulMalaya to be used as ground-truth datasets for PAM-related activities. The raw bird sounds dataset was downloaded from Macaulay Library using the eBird platform. Data pre-processing was done to produce annotated audio tracks that can be used as training datasets for bird classification. SiulMalaya dataset was further validated by two bird experts from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Malaysia. A bird identification experiment was carried out to assess and validate SiulMalaya dataset using a convolutional neural network (CNN) learning model. Even though the accuracy of bird identification is slightly above 50%, the annotated dataset is shown to be viable for PAM-related operations.


Annotated audio dataset; Bird identification; Convolutional neural network; Lowland forest birds; Passive acoustic monitoring

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