Novel annular seven tooth antenna compare its gain and return loss with circular patch antenna for mobile navigation

Raja Meganathan, Saravanakumar Rengaraj


The aim of the study involves the design of a novel annular seven tooth antenna and comparing its gain, return loss with a circular patch. Totally 38 samples are considered for the analysis which is obtained using the G power tool by fixing the pretrained power and the error rate as 0.811 and 0.051 respectively. The total 38 samples are grouped into two namely novel annular seven tooth antenna with 19 samples and circular patch with 19 samples. The performance of the antennas is analyzed using return loss and gain. The design of novel annular seven tooth antenna produced a high gain of 7.7 dB which is more significant than the gain of circular patch antennas (CPA) for navigation application. It is found that the gain, return loss of the designed novel annular seven tooth antenna is 7.7 dB, -18.1 dB. The gain and return loss of the novel annular seven tooth antenna is improved and it is compared with circular patch. It is more significant as it has a p value less than 0.05.


Circular patch; Gain; Navigation; Novel annular seven tooth antenna; Radio frequency; Satellite service

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