Evaluation of the performance of the vehicular ad hoc network protocols in the case of V2I and EV2I communications

Dania Mohammed, Muhamad Mansor, Goh Chin Hock


Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is an intelligent technology that enables efficient communication, secure data transmission, and traffic management. The purpose of routing protocols in the VANET network is to route data between vehicles (V2V) and vehicles-to-infrastructure (V2I). Recently, researchers have shown interest in designing effective routing protocols for the VANET network, as not all existing protocols are suitable for all traffic scenarios. Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly being adopted and integrated into intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Developed countries are actively promoting sustainable transportation solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, this research presents an EV charging station (CS) management scheme based on communication between EVs and RSUs, with performance evaluation simulated using VANET network protocols. In this study, the G-MDORA, MDORA, and geographical routing protocol (GRP) protocols were modified to accommodate V2I communication, and RSUs were distributed along the roadmap. Additionally, a scheme for managing electric vehicle CS was presented, focusing on the communication between electric vehicles and RSUs in the EV2I context. Performance was evaluated using the G-MDORA, GRP, and MDORA protocols, considering factors such as throughput, communication overhead, packet delivery ratio, and end to end delay.


Electric vehicles to infrastructure; Geographical routing protocol; Geographical-maximum distance on-demand routing algorithm; Maximum distance on-demand routing algorithm; Roadside unit; Vehicles-to-infrastructure; Vehicular ad hoc network

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v13i1.5516


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