Pattern analysis on Aquilaria Malaccensis using machine learning

Anis Hazirah 'Izzati Hasnu Al-Hadi, Siti Mariatul Hazwa Mohd Huzir, Amir Hussairi Zaidi, Nurlaila Ismail, Zakiah Mohd Yusoff, Mohamad Hushnie Haron, Mohd Nasir Taib


Aquilaria Malaccensis was found to generate agarwood. Because of its multiple benefits, agarwood essential oil, sometimes known as “black gold” is highly regarded universally. There is currently no accepted method for classifying various grades of agarwood essential oil. Due to the fact that the agarwood essential oil is assessed using a human sensory panel, the existing grading method is ineffective. Since different people may have different viewpoints on how to grade agarwood essential oil, it is not practical to apply the method universally. Several innovative methods for determining the classification of agarwood essential oil have been proposed and put into practise as a result of advanced technology. The study has constructed a pattern analysis on different grades of agarwood essential oil using 2D scatter plot. The results successfully indicate the scatter plots are scattered groupedly.


Agarwood essential oil; Aquilaria malaccensis; Machine learning; MATLAB; Pattern analysis;

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