Pre-processing technique of Aquilaria species from Malaysia for four different qualities

Siti Mariatul Hazwa Mohd Huzir, Anis Hazirah 'Izzati Hasnu Al-Hadi, Amir Hussairi Zaidi, Nurlaila Ismail, Zakiah Mohd Yusoff, Mohamad Hushni Haron, Ali Abd Almisreb, Mohd Nasir Taib


The paper interprets data distribution by using boxplot pre-processing in classify the quality of Agarwood oil for eleven chemical substances into four different qualities. The varieties usage of Agarwood oil makes it considered as an expensive and valuable product on the essential oil market. Perfumes, fragrances, incense, aromatherapy, and traditional medicine are the most popular Agarwood oil applications. However, the classification of Agarwood oil grades does not yet have standard grading method. This because it has been graded manually into different qualities by using human sensory evaluation. Boxplot analysis involving eleven chemical subtances that will be focusing in this study by concerned the quality for low, medium low, medium high and high. ɤ-eudesmol, ar-curcumene, β-dihydro agarofuran, ϒ-cadinene, α-agarofuran, allo aromadendrene epoxide, valerianol, α-guaiene, 10-epi-ɤ-eudesmol, β-agarofuran, and dihydrocollumellarin compounds are the selected significant compounds that represent the input for boxplot. Agarwood oil consist 660 data samples from low, medium low, medium high, and high quality. The result in this study showed that the four selected significant compounds (ɤ-eudesmol, 10-epi-ɤ-eudesmol, β-agarofuran, and dihydrocollumellarin) are important as a marker for Agarwood oil quality classification. The identification of chemical substances on high quality done as reference for future research studies.


Agarwood oil; Aquilaria species; Boxplot analysis; Four grades; Grading classification

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