Blade imbalance fault identification in doubly fed induction generator through current signature analysis using wavelet transform

Vivek Kushwaha, Arvind Kumar Yadav, Sanjay Kumar Maurya


Using wind turbines (WTs) equipped with doubly fed induction generators (DFIG) is a popular technology for generating renewable energy. To ensure safe operation, prompt maintenance, and better operational reliability, the induction generator used in wind energy must be monitored. In this paper, an analysis is carried out on stator currents of the DFIG machine in a wind farm to identify any blade imbalances in the wind farm. A fault characteristics extraction analysis is carried out on the machine stator currents to detect the fault in the system. Firstly, the mathematical equation of the DFIG blade unbalanced stator current is generated using the DFIG model. Secondly, Park's Transformation is used to modify the stator's 3-phase current. Further, by evaluating the feature frequency amplitude variation in the squared signal by doing a spectral analysis on the stator current vector's squared signal. Lastly, a Simulink model for the DFIG is developed. The suggested approach analyses the fault signal of the imbalanced blade fault at various wind velocities. The outcomes show that the suggested method for diagnosing impeller imbalance faults can successfully locate the fault.


Doubly fed induction generators; Generator-side converter; Park’s transformer; Rotor-side converter; Wavelet transform

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