Realization of fractional order lowpass filter using different approximation techniques

Battula Tirumala Krishna, Midhunchakkaravarthy Janarthanan


Many research groups are starting to pay serious attention to the problem of fractional-order circuits. In this paper, a new approach to designing fractional order low-pass filter (FOLPF) is presented. Finding a rational approximation of the fractional Laplace operator sα is a crucial step in the design of fractional order filters. A comparative study of the most widely used approximation techniques named continued fraction expansion (CFE) method and Biquadratic Approximation (RE) method is performed. Then the transfer function of the proposed FOLPF is calculated. Using operational amplifier, the proposed filter is synthesized. The proposed circuit is simulated using Texas instruments TINA software. The results obtained outperform the existing methods.


Continued fraction expansion; Fractional order; Magnitude response; Operational amplifier; Phase response; Rational approximation

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