Speed synchronization of two DC motors with independent loads based on the higher load torque

Ali Saqer Akayleh, Addasi Emad Said


Dual-motor and multi-motor electric drive systems have been used in many industrial applications, and speed synchronization of the motors can always get worse by system parameter uncertainties and load torque perturbations. This work focuses on the application of adjustable speed double-direct current (DC) motor drive control systems. In this paper, a system of two DC motors with armature control at different load conditions has been built. The synchronization of these motors was set basing on the higher torque of the two motor shafts. When two DC motors operate at different shafts a challenge appears in synchronization of their speeds, particularly with the existence of load difference allocated on their shafts. This work paid special attention to this problem. It presents a dynamic simulation of speed control and synchronization of dual DC motor drive. The results show the advantages of the used technique in terms of steady-state and transient performance.


Armature control; Direct current motor; Parameter tuning; Proportional integral derivative controller; Synchronization; Tracking, higher load torque

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v13i3.6188


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