Optimized k-nearest neighbours classifier based prediction of epileptic seizures

Himayavardhini Jagath Prasad, Roji Marjorie S.


Epileptic seizure is an unstable condition of the brain that cause severe mental disorder and can be fatal if not properly diagnosed at an early stage. Electroencephalogram (EEG) plays a major role in early diagnosis of epileptic seizures. The volume of medical databases is enormous. Classification may become less accurate if the dataset contains redundant and irrelevant attributes. To reduce the mortality rate due to epilepsy, a decision support system that can assist medical professionals in taking immediate precautionary measures prior to reaching the critical condition is required. In this work, k-nearest neighbours (KNN) classifier algorithm is optimised using genetic algorithm for effective classification and faster prediction to meet this requirement. Genetic algorithms search for optimal solutions in complex and large environments. Results are compared with other machine learning models such as support vector machine (SVM), KNN, decision tree classifier, and random forest. With optimization using genetic algorithm KNN was able to achieve an enhancement in accuracy at lower training and testing times. It was observed that the accuracy offered by optimized KNN was 92%. Random forest classifiers showed minimum complexity and KNN algorithm provided faster performance with better accuracy.


Decision tree classifier; Genetic algorithm; K-nearestneighbours; Random forest classifier; Support vector machine

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v13i4.6598


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