Power management system for a hybrid energy storage electric vehicle using fuzzy logic controller

Gouthami Eragamreddy, Sevyanaik Gopiya Naik


This research work introduces a power management system for a hybrid energy storage system (PMHESS) configuration for urban electric vehicles utilizing a fuzzy logic controller (FLC). Consequently, the configuration includes two DC/DC interleaved converters that establish a connection between the battery and ultra-capacitors (UCs), thereby ensuring a substantial power capacity. The FLC is adaptable and sturdy, considering information from sources other than the vehicle, such as other vehicles or road infrastructure. The study explores incorporating road topography into the control structure to improve hybrid storage performance. Simulation results show that combining lithium batteries with UCs improves the energy source’s performance and reliability. The power management algorithm reduces sudden demands on the battery by considering the slope of the ground. The work proposes energy storage integration for electric vehicles, exploring its benefits through simulations. Overall, the proposed hybrid energy storage system (HESS) demonstrates high efficiency and power for urban electric vehicles. The results are validated using MATLAB/Simulink.


Battery electric vehicle; Fuzzy logic control; Hybrid energy storage system; Power management algorithm; Ultra-capacitors

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v13i3.6608


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