Challenges in implementing free software in small and medium-sized enterprises in the city of Montería: a case study

Rubén Baena-Navarro, Juan Vergara-Villadiego, Yulieth Carriazo-Regino, Richard Crawford-Vidal, Francisco Barreiro-Pinto


This study investigates challenges and opportunities in adopting free and open-source software (FOSS) in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Monteria, Colombia. The research reveals that around 77.5% of SMEs prefer free software, yet surprisingly, 80% are unaware of the benefits of open-source licenses, with nearly 45% not adopting them due to lack of knowledge. Implementing FOSS in SMEs offers legal and economic advantages, including reduced software acquisition costs, compliance with data protection and privacy regulations, and fostering innovation. However, adoption barriers persist, necessitating further research for enhancing implementation in Colombian SMEs. Notably, Colombia's ethical framework for AI serves as a guide for ethical AI and open-source software deployment, aligned with sustainable development goals. This study highlights free software usage prevalence in Monteria's SMEs and critical factors hindering full adoption. Addressing challenges and leveraging potential benefits can improve efficiency, regulatory compliance, and contribute to sustainable development. Continued research in this field can promote broader and stronger implementation of FOSS in Colombian SMEs.


Free software; Implementation strategies; Information and communication technologies; Intellectual property; Small and medium-sized enterprises

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