Enhancing voltage stability through wavelet-fuzzy control of hydrogen flow in OC-PEM fuel cell

Triyanto Pangaribowo, Wahyu Mulyo Utomo, Abdul Hamid Budiman, Afarulrazi Abu Bakar, Deni Shidqi Khaerudini


Open cathode proton exchange membrane fuel cells (OC-PEM fuel cells) serve as electricity generators, utilizing hydrogen as an input source. While effective for fixed loads like residential applications, challenges arise in dealing with output voltage fluctuations caused by rapid load changes. These fluctuations not only impact fuel cell performance but also introduce instability in the supplied power. To solve this issue, the study proposes an innovative hydrogen flow control system employing a feedforward wavelet- fuzzy method. The primary goal of this control system is to enhance fuzzy control performance using wavelets, mitigating signal fluctuations and achieving optimal stability in fuel cell output voltage under constant load conditions. Wavelet functions act as filters on the fuzzy control input, minimizing fluctuations and refining the entire process. Additionally, a feedforward system is incorporated to maintain hydrogen flow at the set point value. The proposed control system is implemented on a validated model using experimental data. Performance analysis reveals that the proposed method effectively stabilizes voltage by accelerating the recovery time from disturbances.


Fuzzy; Hydrogen flow; Open cathode proton exchange membrane fuel cell; Voltage stability; Wavelet

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v13i4.7045


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