Nonlinear control of three level NPC inverter used in PV/grid system: comparison of topologies and control methods

Youness Atifi, Abdelhadi Raihani, Mohammed Kissaoui, Rachid Lajouad, Khalid Errakkas


With the passage of time, the importance of using renewable energy systems to overcome energy consumption and improve the quality of the grid has emerged through the use of nonlinear control techniques and reliance on advanced types of inverters such as multi-level inverters. This research is focused on comparing two grid-connected converter topologies in a photovoltaic (PV) generation system connected to a three-phase grid that serves a non-linear load. Additionally, the study explores two different control techniques applied to this converter, evaluating their effects on the total harmonic distortion coefficient. A comparison has been made between the traditional inverter and the three-level inverter type neutral point clamped (NPC) inverter, with the use of integral backstepping (IBS) technique which was also compared with the proportional integral (PI) controller. The simulation results in MATLAB/Simulink are presented illustrating the performances and the strong effectiveness of the three-level NPC inverter controlled by the proposed technique (IBS).


Control; Integral backstepping; Neutral point clamped inverter; Proportional integral controller; Smart grid

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