The role of chat generative pre-trained transformer in facilitating decision-making and the e-learning process in higher education

Khaldun G. Al-Moghrabi, Ali M. Al-Ghonmein


Digital technology and artificial intelligence technologies have been progressing rapidly, thus giving rise to intelligent chatbots such as chat generative pre-trained transformer (ChatGPT). These chatbots make searching for information more efficient and provide higher education institutions with assistance in decision-making. The goal of this research is to explore the capabilities of ChatGPT technology and its role in enhancing the e-learning process. Moreover, it seeks to determine whether ChatGPT can provide useful suggestions to improve the decision-making process in higher education. ChatGPT is effective in an e-learning environment for the following reasons: it facilitates personalized learning experiences, offers real-time support, and enhances decision-making by leveraging natural language processing capabilities. As suggested by the findings, ChatGPT has significant potential in higher education, as demonstrated by its ability to improve interactive participation, educational strategies, and educational outcomes. This study highlights the importance of incorporating ChatGPT into higher education settings to improve e-learning and decision-making.


Artificial intelligence; Chat generative pre-trained transformer; Decision making; Decision support systems; E-learning; Information systems

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