Robust hybrid control strategy for active power management in Kabertene wind farm within Algeria’s PIAT grid

Tadjeddine Ali Abderrazak, Arbaoui Iliace, Hamiani Hichem, Bendelhoum Mohamed Sofiane, Bendjillali Ridha Ilyas


The paper introduces a hybrid control strategy for optimised active power management in Algeria's Kabertene wind farm, crucial for the pole insalah-adrar-timimoune (PIAT) grid's stability. This strategy merges simultaneous interconnection and damping assignment (SIDA) passivity theory, passivity-based control (PBC), and multivariable proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. This combined approach ensures frequency and voltage stability within the PIAT grid, which encompasses various elements like wind farms, solar plants, gas turbines, and dynamic impedance (Z), current (I), and active power (P) (D-ZIP), load model. By tailoring controllers for doubly fed induction generators (DFIGs) using SIDA-PBC principles and optimising internal parameters, the strategy achieves precise control of active power output. Additionally, particle swarm optimisation (PSO) refines power scheduling, which is especially beneficial for intermittent renewable sources like DFIGs. This comprehensive strategy offers numerous advantages: improved network stability, minimized voltage deviations, reduced frequency fluctuations, and enhanced integration of renewable energy sources. The paper emphasises practical implementation considerations, providing valuable guidance for efficient Kabertene wind farm operation and integration. This research contributes significantly to fostering cleaner and more reliable energy systems, facilitating the PIAT grid's transition towards sustainable energy generation.


Doubly fed induction generator; Passivity-based control; Pole insalah-adrar-timimoune grid stability; Renewable energy sources integration; Simultaneous interconnection and damping assignment; Wind turbine

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