Recent trend and future prospect in optimization of electric vehicle charging: a systematic review

Muhammad Ridha Fauzi, Azriyenni Azhari Zakri, Syafii Syafii


Electric vehicles charging (EVs) must be done optimally to minimize the impact it causes. EVs are being recognized as a potential way to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. However, there are still difficulties in optimizing these systems to minimize operating costs and EVs charging waiting times. This study investigates several industrial, commercial and residential charging stations. The primary objective of this study is to systematically review the existing literature on optimizing EV charging. The collection of data was centered on scholarly articles released between the years 2018 and 2023 from Scopus, IEEE Xplore. This study presents a systematic literature review of optimizing EVs charging. As a result, 43 EVs charging optimization studies were obtained which were investigated and studied further. Identify and analysis the selected studies, there are two research topics and trends most frequently addressed by researchers: scheduling and coordination. The four most applied methods in EVs charging are identified: particle swarm optimization (PSO), genetic algorithm (GA), linear programming (LP) method, and evolutionary algorithms (EA). Future research directions: develop advanced optimization algorithms, investigating the integration of renewable energy sources into the charging infrastructure, exploring the potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services, studying the impact of EVs charging on the power grid and developing strategies, considering the optimization of charging schedules and coordination strategies for large-scale EVs fleets.


Operating cost; Optimization; Plug-in electric vehicles; Scheduling; Waiting times

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